Recent Activities

In February 2010, the Department of Education released its Reforms in Special Education. These reforms were a response to Garth Harries’ recommendation and input from the community.

In response to the DOE’s proposal, PIE submitted the following letter to the DOE, PIE’s Letter in Response to Reforms, detailing some initials thoughts and responses to the DOE’s reforms.


In August 2009, PIE submitted comments to NYC’s Education Chancellor Joel Klein in response to special education recommendations submitted to the Chancellor by his Senior Coordinator of Special Education, Garth Harries.  PIE’s comments focused on the need for the Department of Education to implement a blueprint of inclusion with certain key tenets for all schools to adopt.  Included with our comments were statements by parents and students addressing the importance of inclusion.

To read the full text of PIE’s comments and the attached statements about inclusion, click on the following link PIE’s Letter to Chancellor Klein

To see the recommendation of Garth Harries, click here